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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
The clever money is getting out of greens and into cement

The concreting over of the South East continues apace as the Gov'- through Minister of State for Transport, Alistair Darling (a Scotsman) and ably assisted by Junior Transport Minister Kim Howells (a Welshman) announced today that another runway should be built at Stanstead in Essex.
"It is every citizen's right to fly" ...... Agreed, but if there are alternatives around, why not utilise and optimise those - rather than bulldozing yet another bit of dear old Blighty.

Question: How many commercial airline journeys, per year are there between the South East and Paris?

Answer: 18,000. That's a hell of a lot of air miles - especially when you think that the time taken in getting from London city centre to Paris city centre via airports, is easily beaten by the Channel Tunnel Rail Link - even with the decrepit railway system on our side of the water.

Ziggy's tip for sensible Governance in Transport
Darling, mate, never heard of 'INTEGRATED THOUGHT'?
Your brief is Transport; the trinity of modern movement - Road, Rail and Air.
The area of your brief is not just the South East. What the Gov' is doing is piling even more kindling on an already white-hot, over populated, over priced, over serviced area. Admittedly there are extra runway proposals for Brum and Edinburgh, but the real obsession is with the South East - for a change.

Road and Rail are certainly Countrywide issues, but Air is totally different, that needs to be addressed on a Europe wide basis. For instance, a long standing agreement means that large carriers, when taking off from say Frankfurt, routinely land at Heathrow - for no better reason than picking up a few more passengers, but more importantly keeping up Heathrow's obsession with being Europe's number 1.

Quality of life and service to the community should be your watchwords, Darling, not top dogism.

Friday, December 12, 2003
Is it too much to ask?

Tony Blair, Sir. Please, please may we have a referendum for us (you know, the people you bleeding well serve) on the proposed new Euro Constitution.

So, can we, you know, have one?

....Obviously not.

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